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Name · Address · Corporate Purpose · Articles of association Hrb11 Dec 2012 German Trade Register Announcement, Germany (04/12/2012)



Unternehmer-Tun GmbH, Ungenannte Str. ??, 30952 Ronnenberg, Germany. On October 31, 2012, the Shareholders Meeting approved the recasting of the partnership agreement. In particular, it was decided to convert the share capital (DEM 50,000.00) to Eur , to reduce it from EUR 25,564.59 for the purpose of smoothing by EUR 564.59 to EUR 25,000.00 and then to increase it by EUR 1,000, EUR 26,000.00 and to amend the partnership agreement in Section 4 (share capital and business shares). The shareholders meeting of October 31, 2012 with supplement of November 21, 2012 also decided to amend the company contract in Section 1 (company and registered office), Section 2 (purpose and object of the company, non-profit) and section 3 (duration of the company) and with it the change of the company, the object of the company and the transfer of the registered office to Hanover. New company: Norddeutsche Akademie für Marketing, Kommunikation + Medien - gemeinnützige GmbH. Hannover. Business address: Ungenannte Str. ??, 30159 Hannover, Germany. New business objective: The purpose of society is to promote education, education and vocational training, including student assistance. The purpose of the company is realized in particular by the school sponsorship of the North German Academy for Marketing + Communication in Hanover, including the state-recognized advertising school of Lower Saxony. Educational events, conferences, training courses and practical projects are organised within this framework. The company is entitled to carry out all transactions which are likely to promote the purpose of the company directly or indirectly, provided that the principles of non-profit-making are not violated. In particular, it may also be the sponsor of other educational institutions and carry out training events and acquire or build its own school building in Hanover for its own purposes. €26,000.00.

This filing was translated from German to English. The filing refers to a past date, and does not necessarily reflect the current state. The current state is available on the following page: Norddeutsche Akademie für Marketing, Kommunikation + Medien - gemeinnützige GmbH, Ronnenberg, Germany.

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