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Name · Address · Merger: SLS Im- und Export Handelsgesellschaft mbH · Capital · Articles of association · Proxy 4 Sep 2009 – German Trade Register Announcement, Germany



CONNEXCO Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Barsbüttel,
Industriestr. 2-4, 22885 Barsbüttel
. Company name: SLS Im- und Export Handelsgesellschaft mbH. Business address:
Industriestr. 2-4, 22885 Barsbüttel
. Capital: EUR 52,000.00. Representation: The company has one or more directors. If a managing director is appointed, he represents the company alone. If several directors have been appointed, the company is represented jointly by two directors or by a managing director in community with one authorized representative. The power of sole representation may be granted. The directors may be authorised to carry out legal transactions on behalf of the company with themselves or as representatives of third parties. Amendment to No. 1: Managing Director: Rumland, Christian, with the power to represent the company alone, with the power to enter into legal transactions with itself or as a representative of third parties. Legal form: By resolution of the shareholders' meeting of August 27, 2009, the share capital was converted to EUR 25,564.59 and then increased by a cash contribution by EUR 435.41 to EUR 26,000.00 and increased by EUR 26,000.00 to EUR 52,000.00 for the implementation of the merger and the social contract in section 1 (1) 1 (company), 3 (share capital), 5 (management, representation) has been amended and completely redrafted. Legal relations: On the basis of the merger agreement of August 27, 2009 and the approval decisions of the same day, the SLS Im- und Export Handelsgesellschaft mbH with registered office in Barsbüttel (District Court of Lübeck HRB 3569 RE) is merged into the company as a whole by transferring its assets under liquidation without liquidation. Published as unregistered: the creditors of the entities participating in the merger must be declared in writing, provided that they cannot claim satisfaction within six months of the date on which the entry of the merger in the register of the registered office of the entity of which they are creditors is deemed to have been made known. However, creditors are only entitled to this right if they demonstrate that the merger jeopardises the fulfilment of their claim. The right to claim security is not available to creditors who, in the event of insolvency, have the right to preferably satisfaction from a cover mass established in accordance with the law for their protection and supervised by the state.

This filing was translated from German to English. The filing refers to a past date, and does not necessarily reflect the current state. The current state is available on the following page: SLS Im- und Export Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Barsbüttel, Germany.

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