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Address · Change of headquarters: 251… Hrb18 Nov 2016 German Trade Register Announcement, Germany (17/11/2016)



HRB 16290 HL: Wohnart GmbH,
Siek, Hauptstraße 2, 22962 Siek
. Business address:
Hauptstraße 2, 22962 Siek
; The anot applicable is the trade in furniture and all related products, the design and provision of interiors, in particular single-family houses, dwellings and other dwellings, and all related works, as well as the provision of all kinds of services in this context; Capital: EUR 25,000.00; Representation: The company has one or more directors. If a managing director is appointed, he represents the company alone. If several directors have been appointed, the company is represented jointly by two directors or by a managing director in community with one authorized representative. The power of sole representation may be granted. Any managing director may be exempted from the prohibition to enter into legal transactions with himself or as a representative of third parties. Board of Directors: Managing Director: 1. Bunge, Knut, *??.??.????, Itzehoe; with the power to represent the company alone with the power to conduct legal transactions with itself or as a representative of third parties; Was Managing Director: 2. Frömmter, Mario, *??.??.????, Kiel; Was Managing Director: 3rd Raben, Johann, *??.??.????, Kiel; Legal form: LLC; The company's registered office has been moved from Kiel (District Court of Kiel HRB 17657 KI) to Siek by resolution of the shareholders meeting of October 13, 2016 and the partnership agreement has been amended to sections 1.1 (company), section 1.2 (seat), section 2 (object of the company) and section 4 (share capital). Note: First registration date: April 25, 2016

This filing was translated from German to English. The filing refers to a past date, and does not necessarily reflect the current state. The current state is available on the following page: Wohnart GmbH, Siek, Germany.

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