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Share­holder agreement · Corporate Purpose Hrb20 Nov 2018 German Trade Register Announcements, Germany



HRB 91999: CORE Vermögensverwaltung gemeinnützige GmbH,
Hamburg, Alter Wandrahm 17/18, 20457 Hamburg
. The shareholders meeting of November 13, 2018 decided to amend the partnership agreement in Sections 3 (company purpose), 8 and 15. New object of enterprise: 1. Purpose of society is the promotion of a. science and research b. charitable purposes c. education, education and vocational training, including student assistance of development cooperation e. of nature, environmental and landscape protection for sport 2. The purpose of the company is achieved in particular by carrying out research projects in the fields of economics, law, humanities and/or natural sciences, - awarding of research contracts and prizes in the above-mentioned fields; - support for those in need; in particular, children and young people through financial support from appropriate institutions; - financial support for school projects of all kinds which are considered to be pedagogically useful; - supporting investments to improve the conditions of education, education and training: - promoting local self-help measures to ensure food, training and health through cooperation with private organisations and self-help groups on the ground in developing countries; - promoting the protection of forests and sustainable forest management; - Financial support for sporting events of all kinds. 3. Society is free to carry out only a part of the measures listed in the realisation of its purpose. 4. The Company may also promote the purposes referred to in paragraph 1 by using some of its resources to another entity, also a tax-deferred entity or a public corporation, for use for tax-advantaged purposes. 5. The Company pursues exclusively and directly charitable and charitable purposes within the meaning of the section "Tax-favored purposes" of the Tax Code. 6. In order to carry out its duties, it may use an auxiliary person in accordance with section 57 (1) sentence 2 АО, provided that it does not carry out the tasks itself. 7. The company is selfless; it does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes. The company's funds may only be used for the purposes of the statutes. No one shall be favoured by expenditure which is alien to the purpose of the company or by disproportionately high remuneration. 8. In principle, the assets transferred to the company shall be preserved in its holdings undiminished. However, asset reallocations are permitted. 9. Funding directives are adopted for the award of prizes and grants. 10. The transfer of funds to a foreign entity or an auxiliary person shall be made only if the beneficiary undertakes to submit a detailed report on the use of the funds received by the Company each year, six months after the end of each financial year. If it is not apparent from this accountability report that these funds are used exclusively for the statutory purposes of the Company, or if the recipient does not comply with the obligation to submit the accountability report, the transfer of the funds shall cease immediately.

This filing was translated from German to English. The filing refers to a past date, and does not necessarily reflect the current state. The current state is available on the following page: CORE Vermögensverwaltung gemeinnützige GmbH, Hamburg, Germany.

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