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19 EU fundings (total €6,980,903): Grant FP7 … BdlYear 2012 Financial Transparency System


Siemens AG, Berlin, Germany

01/01/2012 EU funding: Demonstration of Innovating Parabolic Solar Trough Using an Alternative Heat Transfer Fluid Producing Electricity and Fresh Water: Archimede HOT Energy Typology Enhanced Water Solar 550
01/07/2012 EU funding: Development of a New Automation and Information Paradigm for Integrated Intelligent Manufacturing in Steel Industry Based on Holonic Agent Technology
01/01/2012 EU funding (€1,721.97): Information is not Available
01/12/2012 EU funding (€101,545): Spider Plus
01/10/2012 EU funding (€121,086): Sustainable and Intelligent Management of Energy for Smarter Railway Systems in Europe: an Integrated Optimisation Approach
01/12/2012 EU funding (€178,514): European Network on Luminescent Materials
01/12/2012 EU funding (€197,200): Grant FP7
01/10/2012 EU funding (€2,959,922): ICT Solutions for Efficient Water Resources Management
01/10/2012 EU funding (€232,231): Training Network on Organic Optoelectronics Integrated with Living Systems for Neuroscience Investigations and Applications
15/06/2012 EU funding (€272,636): Gefahrenmeldeanlage
01/01/2012 EU funding (€284,895): Green Efforts
01/11/2012 EU funding (€337,989): Grant FP7
01/09/2012 EU funding (€45,450): Grant Pcvii
01/01/2012 EU funding (€466,229): Coupled Parallel Simulation of GAS Turbines
01/11/2012 EU funding (€512,338): Sensors Towards Advanced Monitoring and Control of Gas Turbine Engines
01/01/2012 EU funding (€532,578): Optimal Strategy to Innovate and Reduce Energy Consumption in Urban Rail Systems
01/05/2012 EU funding (€596,452): Critical Infrastructure Security Analysis - FP7 Framework Contract Research
15/06/2012 EU funding (€61,316): Gefahrenmeldeanlage
01/12/2012 EU funding (€78,800): Living in a Sustainable World Focused on Electrified Rail

This filing was translated from to English. The filing refers to a past date, and does not necessarily reflect the current state. The current state is available on the following page: Siemens AG, Munich, Germany.

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