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Wordmark: “Transforming the Everyday“ Euipotm7 Jul 2021 European Union Intellectual Property Office (Trade Marks)



Trade mark

Type Word
Name Transforming the Everyday
Filing number 018356861
Trade mark status REGISTERED
Nice Classification

6: Clamps, clips, terminals and pins for fastening electric conduits and cables (included in class 6); Sleeves of metal; Wrought and semi-wrought common metals and their alloys for industrial purposes; Ferrites, namely rolled and cast building components of metal, mouldings of metal, work pieces, included in class 6, of metal; Pipes and tubes of metal, Rolled and cast components of metal, Mouldings of metal, workpieces (included in class 6) of metal, Storage containers of metal and Alloys of metal; Metal materials for building and construction; Railway material of metal; Cables and wires of common metal (included in class 6); None of the aforesaid goods including pins, needles and clips for building and industrial purposes; Aids of metal for laying of cables and conduits, namely assembly rolls, cable castors, angle hangers, drum stands, Cable drums, Cable drums.

7: Electric motors (except for land vehicles), prime movers and driving machines and starting apparatus therefor (except for land vehicles); Electric generators, turbines; Compressors; Starters for prime movers and driving machines (included in class 7); Compressors for charging combustion engines (included in class 7); Apparatus and equipment for the generating, control, distribution and transport of compressed air; Pumps (included in class 7), other than for household and kitchen apparatus; Machine tools, machines for processing pipes; Machines, apparatus and equipment for cleaning and processing chemicals; Steam engine boilers; Equipment and machines for the automated handling of tools and workpieces; Service apparatus and machines for power stations, namely manipulators; Actuators.

9: Scientific apparatus, other than laboratory analysis apparatus, apparatus and instruments for laboratory research; Physical, chemical, optical, photographic, nautical and geodetic apparatus, equipment and instruments; Weighing, signalling, measuring, metering, registering, monitoring, testing, control, regulating and switching apparatus; Electric switching and control cabinets; Plug-in modules, mainly consisting of multi-combination individual parts for holding and/or combining circuit boards; Thermostats; Lasers for technical purposes; Electron microscopes; Remote operating and control apparatus; Electrical cables and cords; Conductor rails; Conduit and cable fittings; Electric installation material (included in class 9), in particular switches, dimmers, sockets, switch plugs, distribution boxes, aerial socket outlets, loudspeaker cabinets and connection boxes, plug-in communication devices; Modulators and switches for jalousies; Thermometers; Hygrometers; Connector assemblies, fuses, automatic screwing machines, proximity switches, fault current protective switches, relays, contactors, terminals, cable sleeves, cable cabinets, fuse boxes, conduit boxes, connection boxes, distribution boxes, switchboards, switch clocks, electricity meters; Ultrasound and infrared transmitting and receiving apparatus and relay stations therefor, for switching, dimmer and touch functions; Modules for switches and dimmers; Timers; Synchros; Electric heat transformers with electric starting aids for brightness control of fluorescent lamps; Ballasts, control and regulating apparatus for fluorescent lamps; Switchgear and control apparatus for building systems technology; Signal appliances; Intercom systems; Distribution, channel and laying systems for electric installation; Electric and electronic alarm devices and installations including devices and installations for protecting objects including burglar and rape alarms, security cameras and installations, entry camera and security installations and video surveillance equipment; Electric infra-red locking devices; Warning and protection devices against water and fire damage; Electronic installations for surveillance of individuals; Devices for identifying individuals; Electric and electronic apparatus and installations for process control engineering; Service apparatus and machines for power stations, namely pipe checking apparatus, Devices for the non-destructive examination of materials in power plants, eddy current testers, Ultrasonic testing apparatus, Leak detection devices, Electric apparatus for the registering and measuring of pollutants in air, water and soil, and of noise, vibrations, radioactivity and meteorological data; Apparatus for process engineering, Namely compression flowmeters, Pressure measuring apparatus, Regulators; Electric and electronic apparatus for use in analytical technology, including operational analysis, chromatography, other than for medical chromatography; Apparatus and installations for use in weighing; Couplings, electric; Memory-programmable controls, in particular for machine tools, handling apparatus, robots, assembly machines and machines for the treatment of materials; Apparatus, parts therefor and installations consisting thereof, for the detection and location of leaks in containers holding solid, liquid and gaseous media; Apparatus for the nondestructive treatment of materials; High-voltage, medium-voltage and low-voltage circuit-breakers and switchgear; High-voltage direct current transmission installations; Electrical rectifiers and inverters; Transducers; Arresters; Vacuum tubes for switchgear; Switch cabinets; Metering devices for use in relation to electricity, gas, liquids and heat; Control engineering apparatus and equipment for switchgear and network control engineering; Transformers [electricity]; Power cables and lines; Electronic power and torque measuring devices; Electronic load indicating devices; Solar energy collectors for electricity generation; Emergency power supply apparatus (apparatus for uninterruptible power supply); Chips; Batteries, electric; Fuel cells; Storage batteries; Sensors; Optoelectronic components and assemblies consisting thereof (included in class 9); Optocouplers; Resistances, electric; Electric condensers; Chokes; Electromagnetic coils; Electric thermistors and posistors; Filters (included in class 9); Printed, engraved, cast and integrated circuits; Integrated circuit cards [smart cards]; IC card readers; Testing devices for electrotechnical and electronic components and subassemblies; Magnets and resonators; Electronic tubes; Lightning conductors; Apparatus for recording, broadcasting, transmission, reception, reproduction and processing of sounds and/or signals and/or images; Communications devices and installations thereof; Data processing and transmission apparatus; Apparatus and installations for the transmission of speech, data and images, satellite earth stations; Communications cables, communications lines and optical waveguides for electric and optical speech, data and image transmission; Intercom systems; Modems; Couplers, transceivers, concentrators, power supply (included in class 9) and collision detection apparatus, and optical racks for use in fibre-glass transmission technology; Video recorders; Aerials and aerial installations; Radar apparatus; Short-wave transmitter and receiver stations; Selector radio apparatus; Aeronautical radio apparatus; Microwave radios; Satellite radio equipment; Encoding apparatus; Thermal imaging equipment; Laser distance-measuring apparatus; Inquiry and response apparatus for aircraft identification; Equipment for receiving, locating and classifying electromagnetic signals; Acoustic and optical signalling devices and signalling panels; Railway signalling apparatus and installations constructed therefrom; Electric positioners and parts therefor; Electrical cables and cords; Fibreglass, and objects made therefrom for electrotechnical purposes; Software, other than software for medical purposes and medical imaging; Other than software for the biological, chemical and medical industry; Other than software for household or kitchen purposes, other than software for human resources and payroll management; Other than for learning and educational software and translation software; Other than software for video games; Other than software for administering and carrying out electronic payments, other than software for developing new product mixes and packaging and contents; Other than software for the energy industry; Other than software for interactive electronic communications and accessing and using databases; Other than software for recording and transmission of voice, video and text messages, electronic information, media files and computer programs; None of the aforesaid goods for household or kitchen purposes; Other than scanners.

11: Apparatus for steam generating, refrigerating; None of the aforesaid goods for household or kitchen purposes.

12: Land, air and water vehicles, and parts therefor.

16: Paper cardboard; Printed matter, other than printed matter relating to medicine, instructional and teaching material, payroll management, human resources, administering and carrying out electronic payments; Bookbinding material; Photographs [printed]; Gums [adhesives] for stationery or household purposes; Artists' materials; Typewriters and office requisites (except furniture); Teaching materials [except apparatus]; Plastic materials for packaging, included in Class 16; Type [numerals and letters]; Printing blocks.

25: Clothing, headgear.

28: Games, playthings, gymnastic and sporting articles, included in class 28; Playing cards.

35: Business management; Business administration; Office functions; electronic services, Namely the collection of data, information, images, video and audio sequences.

36: Insurance underwriting; Finance services; Monetary affairs; Real estate affairs; None of the aforesaid services including mortgage consultancy.

37: Construction services; Installation and repair of electric apparatus and electrotechnical installations of all kinds; None of the aforesaid services including installation and repair of computer hardware, natural gas engines and compressors.

38: Telecommunication services; Rental of telecommunications apparatus and installations; Electronic services, namely the forwarding or dissemination of data, information, images, video and audio sequences.

41: Arranging and publication of books and periodicals, other than teaching material; electronic services, Namely, Translation of data, information, video and audio sequences; None of the aforesaid services in the medical field.

42: Research and development, for others, in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, information technology, physics, chemistry and mechanical engineering and planning, technical and scientific consultancy, engineering and technical watch in the aforesaid fields; Construction drafting, architectural consultation; Development, creation and rental of data processing programs, other than for medical purposes and medical imaging; Other than for the biological, chemical and medical industry; Other than for household or kitchen purposes and for human resources; Other than for payroll management; Other than for learning and educational software and translation software; Other than for video games; Other than for administering and carrying out electronic payments, for developing new product mixtures and packaging and contents; Other than for the energy industry; Other than for interactive electronic communications and accessing and using databases; Other than for recording and transmission of voice, video and text messages, electronic information, media files and computer programs; Rental of informatics apparatus and installations; Material testing; Technical consultancy with regard to the construction and operation of data processing installations, databases and telecommunications networks; Technical planning, development and design of telecommunications and data processing services and equipment, telecommunications networks and tools therefor; Technical planning, consultancy, testing and technical monitoring in the field of the systems integration and product integration of telecommunications networks and data processing; electronic services, Namely the storage of data, information, images, video and audio sequences.

Filing date 17/12/2020
Registration date 06/07/2021
Expiry date 17/12/2030

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


P.O. Box 22 16 34

D-80506 München


The filing refers to a past date, and does not necessarily reflect the current state. The current state is available on the following page: Siemens AG, Munich, Germany.

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