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Wordmark: “Nature at home!“ Euipotm24 Jul 2015 European Union Intellectual Property Office (Trade Marks)



Trade mark

Type Word
Name Nature at home!
Filing number 013825161
Nice Classification

20: Beds for animals; Beehives; Fodder racks; Comb foundations for beehives; Honeycombs; Dog beds; Dog kennels; Dog baskets; Kennels for household pets; Cat/dog flaps not of metal or masonry; Cat flaps of non-metallic materials; Cat baskets; Carriers for transporting domestic pets [other than cages]; Carriers for animals; Scratching posts for cats; Beds for household pets; Nesting boxes for household pets; Nesting boxes; Nesting boxes for animals; Grooming tables for pets; Sections of wood for beehives; Portable beds for pets; Portable kennels; Pet houses; Beds for birds; Containers, and closures and holders therefor, non-metallic; Crates and pallets, non-metallic; Coffins and funerary urns; Barrels and casks, non-metallic; Corrugated fibreboard boxes; Stacking trays of wood; Storage chests made of wood; Storage chests made of plastic; Storing boxes, not of metal; Bamboo baskets for industrial purposes; Tanks, not of metal nor of masonry; Containers (non-metallic -) for the handling of goods [other than household or kitchen use]; Containers made of synthetic material [other than for household or kitchen use]; Containers (non-metallic -) for storage purposes [other than household or kitchen use]; Containers (non-metallic -) for liquids [other than for household or kitchen use]; Containers in the form of boxes made of wood; Non-metallic bins [other than dust bins]; Non-metallic containers [other than for household or kitchen use]; Containers (Non-metallic -) for kegging beverages; Containers (Non-metallic -) in the form of kegs; Containers (Non-metallic -) in the form of bins; Containers (Non-metallic -) adapted for packaging beer; Closures for containers; Letter boxes; Containers, not of metal [storage, transport]; Transport containers (Non-metallic -); Pots of plastic for packaging; Strongboxes [cash boxes], not of metal; Industrial water tanks, not of metal or masonry; Plastic bins [large] for industrial use; Containers made of wood [other than for household or kitchen use]; Wooden tubs [not bath tubs]; Wooden bins; Wood boxes; Wooden storage boxes; Capsules [non-metallic containers]; Boxes of wood or plastic; Transparent food trays (Non-metallic -) for commercial use; Transparent food containers for commercial packaging use; Egg trays made of plastics; Egg cartons [packaging] of plastic; Oil drainage containers [non-metallic]; Fire resistant lockable containers; Bottle casings of wood; Flexible containers of plastics for the transport of liquids; Flexible containers of plastics for the storage of liquids; Plastic storage drums; Non-metallic drums [other than for household or kitchen use]; Cylinders, not of metal for gas; Gas storage tanks, not of metal or masonry; Corner fittings (Non-metallic -) for containers; Potato bins [furniture]; Chests; Cases (Non-metallic -) for bottles; Boxes made of wood; Boxes made of plastic; Boxes made of plastics materials for packaging; Boxes for stacking purposes [plastic]; Crates and pallets; Combined containers [non-metallic and not for household or kitchen use]; Combined closures for containers [non-metallic and not for household or kitchen use]; Containers made of plastic for compost; Composting receptacles of non-metallic materials; Compost bins of non-metallic materials; Plastic fuel tanks [other than parts of vehicles]; Fuel cans (Non-metallic -); Plastic bins [other than dustbins]; Plastic medication containers; Bins of plastics for making compost; Plastics containers for use in agrochemical fields; Boxes made of laminated plastics; Boxes made of paper coated wood; Boxes for stacking purposes [wood]; Chests, not of metal; Baskets; Plastic boxes [large] for industrial use; Plastic inserts [trays] for tool boxes; Receptacles of plastic for storing goods for transportation; Boxes for storage purposes [plastic]; Plastic trays [containers] used in food packaging; Plastics components for packaging containers; Plastic tubs; Loading gauge rods, not of metal, for railway waggons [wagons]; Tool storage containers (non-metallic -) [empty]; Liquid storage tanks [containers] made of non-metallic materials; Plastic storage tanks; Medicine chests; Milk churns [non-metallic]; Troughs, not of metal, for mixing mortar; Dispensers (Fixed -) for towels; Packing cases made of wood; Tissue dispensers [fixed] not of metal; Frames (Non-metallic -) for containers; Stacking trays of vulcanised fibre; Rain barrels, not of metal; Collecting boxes (Non-metallic -); Collecting tins (Non-metallic -); Caskets made of amber; Caskets made of celluloid; Caskets made of ivory; Caskets made of whalebone; Caskets made of wood; Caskets made of horn; Caskets made of bone; Caskets made of cork; Caskets made of meerschaum; Caskets made of shell; Caskets made of mother of pearl; Caskets made of reed; Caskets made of wicker; Protective containers of non-metallic materials for packing goods; Protective containers of non-metallic materials for storing goods; Floating containers, not of metal; Security boxes, not of metal; Meat chests, not of metal; Toilet seat cover dispensers (non-metallic -) [fixed]; Paper towel dispensers [fixed, not of metal]; Bins designed to facilitate accelerated breakdown of organic matter [non-metallic]; Wooden boxes for storing toys; Wooden chests for the storage of toys; Stacking trays of plastic; Stacking trays of plastic for the packaging of eggs; Stacking boxes of plastic; Stacking boxes of compressed fibre; Trays, not of metal [other than for domestic purposes]; Containers, not of metal, for liquid fuel; Thermoformed plastics containers [other than for household or kitchen use]; Barrels and casks; Portable boxes [containers] of plastic; Portable boxes [containers] of wood; Portable water carriers [containers] made of plastics; Carrying boxes (Non-metallic -); Transportable containers (Non-metallic -) for gases; Containers made of horn; Containers made of bone; Containers made of cane; Wood planters; Industrial packaging containers of bamboo; Wooden boxes for industrial packaging purposes; Packaging containers made of wood; Packaging containers of plastic; Egg containers [packaging] of plastic; Packaging containers not of metal; Plastic mailing tubes; Water tanks (Non-metallic -) [containers]; Water tanks for household purposes, not of metal or masonry; Tool boxes (non-metallic -) [empty]; Tool boxes, not of metal; Boxes (packaging -) in flat form [wood]; Boxes (packaging -) in flat form [plastic]; Boxes (packaging -) in made-up form [wood]; Boxes (packaging -) in made-up form [plastic]; Boxes (packaging -) in collapsible form [wood]; Boxes (packaging -) in collapsible form [plastic]; Cylindrical cans, not of metal; Animal housing and beds; Displays, stands and signage, non-metallic; Ladders and movable steps, non-metallic; Furniture and furnishings; Statues, figurines, works of art and ornaments and decorations, made of materials such as wood, wax, plaster or plastic, included in the class; Funerary urns; Coffin fittings, not of metal; Coffin handles made principally of plastic; Display head panels for caskets for displaying pictures and information about deceased; Funerary caskets; Vats, not of metal; Wooden barrels; Caskets; Cask stands, not of metal; Tuns [casks] (non-metallic -); Barrel hoops, not of metal; Wine casks (Non-metallic -); Casks of wood for decanting wine; Mannequins and tailors' dummies; Supports for exhibition display material; Display boards; Chalk boards for display purposes; Bulletin boards [other than electronic]; Cork memo boards; Display boards comprising foldable and interconnectable metal rods; Display panels in the nature of furniture; Boards for the display of graphic materials; Boards for the display of pictorial materials; Shop window mannequins; Ladders made of glass fibre; Step ladders made of wood; Ladders made of plastics; Mobile boarding stairs, not of metal, for passengers; Kick step; Ladders of wood or plastics; Ladders, not of metal; Steps [ladders], not of metal; Step stools, not of metal; Bags for sleeping bags [specifically adapted]; Inflatable cushions, other than for medical purposes; Inflatable mattresses for use when camping; Inflatable mattresses, other than for medical purposes; Inflatable pillows [other than for medical use] for fitting around the neck; Inflatable neck support cushions; Air inflated sleeping bags; Children's cradles; Bath pillows; Bed fittings, not of metal; Beds; Children's beds; Children's beds made of cloth in the form of a bag; Beds incorporating inner sprung mattresses; Bed springs of non-metallic materials; Box springs; Bedsprings; Bedsteads of wood; Bed rails; Bed casters, not of metal; Bedding, except linen; Camp beds; Divan beds; Bunk beds; Feather beds; Fire resistant mattresses; Futon mattresses [other than childbirth mattresses]; Stuffed pillows; Rods for beds; Hybrid beds being soft sided waterbeds [other than for medical use]; Sleeping mats; Babies' baskets; Cushions; Cushions (upholstery); Cushions [other than for medical use] for supporting infants being examined; Pet cushions; Stadium cushions; Pillows; Bolsters; Bed heads; Hospital beds; Bed bases; Slatted bases for beds; Mattress bases; Inflatable pillows; Air pillows, not for medical purposes; Air cushions in the nature of furniture [not for medical purposes]; Air cushions, not for medical purposes; Air mattresses; Air mattresses for use when camping; Air mattresses, not for medical purposes; Massage divans; Mattresses; Mattresses made of flexible wood; Mattresses [other than child birth mattresses]; Mattress toppers; Cushions filled with hair; Neckrolls other than for medical or surgical use; Neck pillows [other than for medical or surgical use]; Scented pillows; Crib bumpers; Soft furnishings [cushions]; Baby bolsters; Frames for bed canopies; Travel cots; Foam mattresses; Foam camping mattresses; Beds incorporating divan bases; Sleeping mats for camping [mattresses]; Sleeping bags; Sleeping bags for camping; Foldaway beds; Floating inflatable matresses [airbeds]; Safety cots; Seat cushions; Beds adapted for use by those with mobility difficulties; Cushions adapted to support the face [other than for medical use]; Straw mattresses; Support pillows for use in baby car safety seats; Support pillows for use in baby seating; Head supporting pillows; Baby head support cushions; Transportable beds; Adjustable beds; Waterbeds; Hydrostatic [water] beds, not for medical purposes; Water pillows, other than for medical purposes; Cradles; Hooks, not of metal, for clothes rails; Hooks for clothing; Hat hooks of non-metallic materials; Hat racks [hooks] not of metal; Garment hangers [coat hangers]; Clothes hangers [coathangers], not of metal; Coathooks; Hooks (Clothes -) of non-metallic materials; Clothes hooks, not of metal; Coat pegs [wall mounted hooks] non-metallic; Non-metallic coat hooks; Scented coathangers; Clothes covers; Brackets (Non-metallic -) for frames; Picture and photograph frames; Leather picture frames; Picture frames; Frames (Picture -) of metal; Frames (Picture -) of non-metallic materials; Picture frames [not of precious metal]; Framed stands; Photograph frames; Photograph frames of wood; Photograph frames of metal; Carved picture frames; Holders for photographs [frames]; Mouldings made of wood for picture frames; Wooden picture mouldings; Moldings [mouldings] for picture frames; Frames for display boards; Frames for signboards; Frameless picture holders; Embroidery frames; Embroidery hoops; Bathroom mirrors; Printed mirrors; Hand-held mirrors; Make-up mirrors for purses; Make-up mirrors for travel use; Mirrors enhanced by electric lights; Make-up mirrors for the home; Mirrors [furniture]; Mirrors for use in powder compacts; Locker mirrors; Mirror tiles; Tiles (Mirror -) for fixing to walls; Mirror frames; Cheval glasses; Personal compact mirrors; Silvered glass [mirrors]; Wall mirrors; Mouldings for mirrors; Action figures (Decorative -) of plaster; Imitation foods comprised of plastic; Stuffed animals; Models [ornaments] made of synthetic resin; Stuffed animals [not toys]; Stuffed birds; Busts of ivory; Busts of wood; Busts of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Busts of bone; Busts of wax; Decorations of plastic for foodstuffs; Action figures (Decorative -) of wood; Action figures (Decorative -) of plastic; Action figures (Decorative -) of wax; Decorative window finials; Plaques (decorative wall -) [furniture] not of textile; Statuettes made of ivory; Model vehicles [ornaments] made of synthetic resin; Model vehicles [ornaments] made of plastic; Model vehicles [ornaments] made of wax; Statuettes of bone; Figures made of rattan; Figurines made of gypsum derivatives; Figurines made of gypsum cement; Figurines made of wood resin; Model aeroplanes [ornaments] made of wood; Model aeroplanes [ornaments] made of synthetic resin; Model aeroplanes [ornaments] made of plastic; Model aeroplanes [ornaments] made of wax; Busts of plastic; Figurines made of wood; Cold cast resin figurines; Cake decorations made of plastic; Table decorations of plastic; Works of art made of wood; Works of art of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Works of art of plastic; Works of art made of wax; Works of art made of plaster; Miniature figurines [plastic]; Miniature furniture made of wood; Miniature furniture made of wood fibre; Mobiles [decoration]; Miniature car models [ornaments] of wood; Model cars [ornaments] made of synthetic resin; Plastic models for decoration; Model figures [ornaments] made of wood; Model figures [ornaments] made of synthetic resin; Model figures [ornaments] made of plastic; Model figures [ornaments] made of wax; Ornamental sculptures made of plaster; Ornamental sculptures made of wood; Ornamental sculptures made of wax; Bone carvings; Adhesive wall decorations of wood; Adhesive wall decorations of wax; Sculptures made from wood; Carvings of wax; Sculptures made from plastic; Statues of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Statuettes made of amber; Statuettes made of synthetic resins; Model animals [ornaments] made of wood; Model animals [ornaments] made of plastic; Model animals [ornaments] made of wax; Dreamcatchers [decoration]; Trophies made of wood; Trophies made of plastic; Scale models [ornaments] of plaster; Scale models [ornaments] of wood; Scale models [ornaments] of plastic; Scale models [ornaments] of wax; Wax figures; Wind chimes; Wind chimes [decoration]; Ornamental models made of plaster; Ornamental models made of wood; Ornamental models made of wax; Table centres [ornaments] made of wood; Decorative plaques made of plaster; Decorative plaques made of plastics material; Decorative plaques made of wax; Ambroid bars; Bamboo; Bamboo canes; Yellow amber; Ivory; Ivory, unworked or semi-worked; Whalebones; Whalebone, unworked or semi-worked; Onigaya hay [raw or partly worked material]; Plaited straw, except matting; Stag antlers; Wood ribbon; Horn, unworked or semi-worked; Coral; Coral [unworked or partly worked]; Wicker; Cork bands; Artificial horns; Meerschaum; Meerschaum [raw or partly worked material]; Shells [unworked or partly worked material]; Mother-of-pearl; Raw mother of pearl; Mother-of-pearl, unworked or semi-worked; Rattan; Rattan [unworked or partly worked material]; Tortoiseshell; Tortoiseshells [unworked or partly worked material]; Tortoiseshell imitation; Reeds [plaiting materials]; Reeds [raw or partly worked material]; Corozo; Tusks [raw or partly worked material]; Straw edgings; Straw plaits; Animal hooves; Animal horns; Animal bone [unworked or partly worked material]; Animal claws; Animal teeth; Mooring buoys, non-metallic; Locks and keys, non-metallic; Door, gate and window fittings, non-metallic; Valves, non-metallic; Spacers of plastic for use with sandwich panels; Shower curtain hooks; Tree protectors [tubes] not of metal; Tree protectors, not of metal; Hard wood tree stakes; Tree supports (Non-metallic -); Releasable locking devices (Non-metallic -) [non-electric]; Locks, not of metal, for vehicles; Rim locks [non-electric], not of metal; Combination locks (non-metallic -) [non-electric]; Combination locks (Non-metallic -) for vehicles; Ball catches [not of metal]; Plastic key cards, not encoded and not magnetic; Mechanisms (Non-metallic, non-electric -) for locking windows; Mechanisms (Non-metallic, non-electric -) for locking doors; Mechanical locks [non-electric, non-metallic]; Spring locks (Non-metallic -); Rings, not of metal, for keys; Striking plates (Non-metallic -) for locks; Lock barrels, not of metal; Lock casings, not of metal; Locks, other than electric, not of metal; Locks [other than electric], not of metal, for vehicles; Furniture locks (Non-metallic -); Keys (Non-metallic -) for opening locks; Key hole plates of non-metallic materials; Plastic key rings; Self-opening non-metallic locks for belt reels; Safety locking devices [not of metal, non-electric]; Safety locks [non-metallic, non-electric]; Safety keys, not of metal; Cremone bolts of non-metallic materials for locks; Lock bolts, not of metal; Padlocks, not of metal; Tumblers (non-metallic -) [parts of locks]; Cylinder locks made of non-metallic materials; Decorative strips of plastics for application to doors; Decorative edging strips of wood for use with window fittings; Decorative edging strips of plastic for use with window fittings; Decorative edging strips of plastic for use with door fittings; Decorative doorstops (Non-metallic -) in the form of animals; Window fittings, not of metal; Window handles (Non-metallic -); Casement bolts (Non-metallic -); Sash pulleys, not of metal; Window closing devices (Non-electric -) of non-metallic materials; Window-stops [Non-metallic -]; Window fasteners (Non-metallic -); Mechanisms (Non-metallic, non-electric -) for opening windows; Door hinge guards (Non-metallic -); Sash window pulls, not of metal; Locking gate hasps [non-metallic]; Interior textile window blinds; Paper screen doors; Porcelain knobs; Knobs, not of metal; Plastic garage door rollers; Rollers (Non-metallic -) for sliding doors; Runners (Non-metallic -) for sliding doors; Ventilation grilles (Non-metallic -) for fitting in windows; Ventilation grilles (Non-metallic -) for fitting in doors; Control apparatus (Non-electric -), not of metal for closing doors; Door openers (Non-electric -), not of metal; Window glazing fixtures (Non-metallic -); Clamps (Non-metallic -) for fixing windows; Door friction stays of non-metallic materials; Clamps (Non-metallic -) for fixing doors; Closers (Non-electric, non-metallic -) for windows; Espagnolette mechanisms, not of metal; Paper blinds; Window casement bolts (Non-metallic -); Rollers (Non-metallic -) for sliding windows; Hinges for doors and windows (Non-metallic -); Sash fasteners, not of metal for windows; Non-metallic tracks for sliding doors; Rails (Non-metallic -) for folding doors; Closers (Non-electric, non-metallic -) for doors; Hasps of non-metallic materials; Escutcheons (Non-metallic -); Gate hooks of non-metallic materials; Gate eyes of non-metallic materials; Gate stops of non-metallic materials; Cremone bolts, not of metal for windows; Door stops; Door furniture made of wood; Door fittings made of plastics; Door furniture made of stoneware; Door fittings, not of metal; Non-metal latches; Door springs (Non-metallic -); Overhead suspension tracks of non-metallic materials for use with doors; Door handles of porcelain; Door handles, not of metal; Hooks (Door -) of non-metallic materials; Furniture for doors [non-metallic]; Door bells, not of metal, non-electric; Non-metal door latches; Door knockers, not of metal; Plastic doorknobs; Door hinges (Non-metallic -); Door closers (Non-electric -) of non-metallic materials; Door stops of plastic; Door buffers, not of metal; Mechanisms (Non-metallic, non-electric -) for lifting windows; Mechanisms (Non-metallic, non-electric -) for lifting doors; Mechanisms (Non-metallic, non-electric -) for rolling windows; Mechanisms (Non-metallic, non-electric -) for opening doors; Butterfly valves (non-metallic -) [other than parts of machines]; Spears [valves], not of metal for use with kegs; Manually operated ceramic valves other than parts of machines; Water-pipe valves of plastic; Drain traps [valves] of plastic; Spears [valves], not of metal for use with containers; Non-return valves of plastic [other than parts of machines]; Valves (Non-metallic -) [taps] for controlling the flow of liquid out of barrels; Valves (Non-metallic -) [taps] for controlling the flow of liquid into barrels; Water regulating valves [plastic] for water pipes; Plastic valves [other than for medical use or being parts of machines]; Valves of plastic being other than machine parts; Valves, not of metal, other than parts of machines; Water outlets [valves of plastic] for water pipes; Water inlets [valves of plastic] for water pipes; Water control valves of plastic; Mirrors (silvered glass).

Filing date 13/03/2015
Registration date 09/07/2015
Expiry date

Qi-Technologies UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Roßthaler Str. 4

D-01705 Freital


The filing refers to a past date, and does not necessarily reflect the current state. The current state is available on the following page: Waveguard GmbH, Bautzen, Germany.

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