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Wordmark: “Otto Oktopus“ Euipotm27 Sept 2019 European Union Intellectual Property Office (Trade Marks)



Trade mark

Type Word
Name Otto Oktopus
Filing number 017878212
Trade mark status REGISTERED
Nice Classification

28: Children's playthings; Children's multiple activity tables [playthings]; Toys for use in perambulators; Costumes being childrens playthings; Children's multiple activity toy; Crib mobiles [toys]; Scooters [toys]; Play structures for children; Playground apparatus for children; Play apparatus for use in children's nurseries; Infants' action crib toys; Toy pushchairs; Children's ride-on toy vehicles; Children's four-wheeled vehicles [playthings]; Theme park rides; Bouncy castles; Climbing slides being play apparatus for children; Jungle gyms [play equipment]; Climbing units [playground equipment]; Climbing frames (play things); Slides [playground equipment]; Sandboxes [playground equipment]; Playground apparatus; Video game apparatus; Action figures [toys or playthings]; Inflatable swimming pools [play articles]; Inflatable bath toys; Inflatable toys; Inflatable pool toys; Electronic games for the teaching of children; Electronic educational teaching games; Electronic games; Manipulative games; Parlour games; Rubber balls; Play frames; Plastic toys for use in the bath; Buckets [playthings] made of plastics; Plush toys with attached comfort blanket; Stuffed bean-filled toys; Mascot dolls; Dolls; Play mats incorporating infant toys [playthings]; Play tents; Toys; Puzzles [toys]; Toy figures; Sketching toys; Plush toys; Stuffed toys; Plush dolls.

35: Hotel management for others; Business management of hotels; Hotel management service [for others]; Promotion [advertising] of travel; Secretarial services provided by hotels; Advertising services relating to hotels; Advertising in the field of tourism and travel.

36: Financial services relating to travel; Emergency financial services for travellers; Financing services relating to hotels; Credit services relating to travel; Insurance for hotels; Insuring of hotel accommodation; Travel insurance; Guaranteeing payment of medical expenses for foreign travellers.

39: Agency services for arranging travel; Travel agency and booking services; Booking agency services for airline travel; Transport of travellers; Transportation of passengers by coach; Coach transport; Transport of passengers by air; Services for arranging the transportation of travellers; Transport of travellers by car; Passenger train transport; Transport of travellers by taxi; Transport of travellers by tram; Transport of travellers by land; Transport of travellers by road; Travel agency services, namely arranging transportation for travelers; Tourist travel reservation services; Computerised information services relating to travel; Provision of travel information by computer; Services for the booking of travel; Travel arrangement and reservation services; Escorting of travellers; Travel reservation; Cruise ship services; Booking of tickets for travel; Tour conducting; Travel arrangement; Booking of seats for travel; Operating of tours; Arranging of transportation for travel tours; Tour reservation services; Organization of travel and boat trips; Timetable enquiry services relating to travel; Organisation of holiday travel; Booking agency services relating to travel; Organizing and arranging travel; Travel agents services for arranging travel; Tour operating and organising; Issuing of tickets for travel; Arranging of transport and travel; Arranging and booking of travel; Reservation of seats for travel; Travel reservation and booking services; Travel and passenger transportation; Arranging the escorting of travellers; Reservation services for travel by land; Planning, arranging and booking of travel; Tour operator services for the booking of travel; Planning, arranging and booking of travel by electronic means; Travel information; Providing information relating to the planning and booking of travel and transport, via electronic means; Sightseeing, tour guide and excursion services; Providing information relating to travel and transport, via electronic means; Travel agency services for business travel; Travel agency services for arranging holiday travel; Holiday travel reservation services; Reservation of berths for travel; Reservation and booking of seats for travel; Seat reservation services for travellers; Transportation of travellers' baggage; Provision of cruises in yachts; Arranging travel tours as a bonus program for credit cards customers; Arrangement of travel to and from hotels.

41: Entertainment services provided by hotels; Provision of entertainment facilities in hotels; Publication of directories relating to travel.

43: Booking agency services for hotel accommodation; Tourist home services; Booking of hotel rooms for travellers; Reservation of rooms for travellers; Booking of accommodation for travellers; Reservation of tourist accommodation; Booking of hotel accommodation; Arranging of accommodation for holiday makers; Temporary accommodation reservations; Hotels, hostels and boarding houses, holiday and tourist accommodation; Consultancy services relating to hotel facilities; Hotel services; Accommodation bureau services [hotels, boarding houses]; Hotel reservations; Restaurant services provided by hotels; Information relating to hotels; Hotels and motels; Arranging of meals in hotels; Providing accommodation in hotels and motels; Provision of hotel accommodation; Travel agency services for making hotel reservations; Travel agency services for reserving hotel accommodation; Hotel restaurant services; Hotel accommodation services; Electronic information services relating to hotels; Provision of information relating to hotels; Hotel catering services; Making hotel reservations for others; Providing online information relating to hotel reservations.

Filing date 21/03/2018
Registration date 24/09/2019
Expiry date 21/03/2028

Schauinsland-Reisen GmbH

Stresemannstr. 80

D-47051 Duisburg


The filing refers to a past date, and does not necessarily reflect the current state. The current state is available on the following page: Schauinsland-Reisen GmbH, Duisburg, Germany.

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