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Data Services: Quarterly data exports in CSV format available

North Data's quarterly exports have become an industry standard for company information, and are now also available for download in CSV format. As a part of our quarterly exports subscription, a complete export of our company database will be delivered every three months, containing the most relevant,  updated company information on all registered companies of a respective country.

Our quarterly exports are available for 18 countries, and include a total of 63 million company entries based on 123 different sources provided in a uniform and internationally standardized format.

The company data available in our CSV export has a simple table structure that is sorted geographically and can be used directly without additional programming effort.

The CSV data structure has been optimized for use with analytics tools and artificial intelligence.

Video: From import to analysis in 50 seconds

Our video demonstrates an example of using the data in Microsoft Excel, covering the process from importing to transforming it into a chart.

Please note that only for the purpose of this video we used limited test data - the complete export is in the same format, but the volume of data would be too extensive for editing with Excel on a normal PC. Excel was used here to represent all professional analytics applications.

Learn more

  • Our technical documentation explains all the details: Data Services Guide to Quarterly Exports
  • Test data for all supported countries and languages ​​is available at the following link (one selected city per country): download test data
  • Additional options for obtaining North Data company data and pricing information can be found on our product Data Services’ product page

Features and Editions

The exports are offered in three progressive levels: our M package contains basic company data, while L comprises associated people (e.g. managing directors), whereas XL, our most extended package, delivers data with key figures (deep data). The availability of data may vary across countries (please refer to the table of supported countries.

Though historical data and related companies have been omitted to simplify the data structure, it is possible to access this information as a quarterly export customer in JSON format at no additional cost. However, in this case, a programming language is needed.

Level Data columns Price
per quarter and country
Available countries
M Internal ID, Unique Key, Register ID, LEI, Name, Legal form, ELF code, Status, Country, Postal code, City, Street, Address extra, Latitude, Longitude, North Data URL, Proxy policy, Subject, Industry segment, Segment code, Phone, Fax, Email, Website, VAT Id €2,250.00 Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic (alpha), Denmark (beta), Finland, France (incl. Monaco), Germany, Greece, Israel (alpha), Norway (beta), Poland, Spain, Sweden (beta), Switzerland (incl. Liechtenstein), United Kingdom (incl. Guernsey, Jersey)
L all of M plus: Officer 1, Role 1, Officer 2, Role 2, Officer 3, Role 3, Officer 4, Role 4, Officer 5, Role 5 €3,750.00 Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic (alpha), Denmark (beta), France (incl. Monaco), Germany, Norway (beta), Poland, Spain, Sweden (beta), Switzerland (incl. Liechtenstein), United Kingdom (incl. Guernsey, Jersey)
XL all of L plus: Financials date, Base/share capital EUR, Total assets EUR, Earnings EUR, Earnings CAGR %, Revenue EUR, Revenue CAGR %, Return on sales %, Equity EUR, Equity ratio %, Return on equity %, Employee number, Revenue per employee EUR, Taxes EUR, Tax ratio %, Cash on hand EUR, Receivables EUR, Liabilities EUR, Cost of materials EUR, Wages and salaries EUR, Average salaries per employee EUR, Pension provisions EUR, Real estate EUR, Auditor, Mktg&Tech ref period, Number of public fundings per year, Total public funding per year EUR, Patents per year, Trademarks per year €4,950.00 Austria, Belgium, Denmark (beta), France (incl. Monaco), Germany, Norway (beta), Poland, Sweden (beta), United Kingdom (incl. Guernsey, Jersey)

The minimum subscription term is 12 months. The quarterly delivery of a current export takes place on a quarterly basis. A discount can be granted when obtaining data for multiple countries. Please consider that the use of data is contractually restricted (no data resale).

To learn more about our quarterly exports in CSV format, please feel free to send us a message to or, alternatively, use our contact form on our Data Services product page.