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Smart Research

North Data provides easily understandable company information that is publicly available, obtained from sources such as trade registers, yearly reports, funding registers, trademark registers, patent registers and others.

For Professionals

North Data’s Premium Services are used by professionals, from all sectors, for detailed research and financial analyses. Our powerful Data Services are used by our customers to expand their databases and complement their products with meaningful company information and visualizations.

For Everybody

North Data's free online search engine offers a powerful freely accessible compilation of European companies information, including history, financial indicators, involved persons, and much more. Use the search box at the top of this page to specifically search for companies or people.

Country Coverage

New Countries and Sources

At North Data, we continuously work on adding new countries and sources to our data. Recently, we added Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Israel, and the Czech Republic to our list of supported countries. Currently, we're working on more countries, and deepening the data coverage for the existing ones.

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Data Service Customer Projects

Our machine-readable data packages offer a wide scope of application possibilities, and the results speak for themselves. Our customer base ranges from startups to global corporations, as companies of all sizes benefit from comprehensive official company information.

Take a look at our Showcase to discover how our customers use the data packages to advance their projects.

New journalism page

Our free research accounts offer a valuable source of information for investigative journalists from around the world to uncover organisational correlations and dependencies.

On the new page we present selected articles, our cooperations for the promotion and preservation of investigative and independent journalism and share details about our investigative accounts.