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Premium Service at a glance

Our premium service is a must-have for everyone who regularly needs rapid, easily understandable and high-quality publicly available company information.

The premium service has all the features you already know and love, but enriched with even more detailed information and features that are carefully designed for a more professional use.

We value your time!

Instead of having to manually find the information you search by navigating through several different websites and sources, we made sure that with only a few clicks you will be able to find everything that you are looking for, in a very clear and organized way.

Pricing for single users

Our service is available for single users and can be accessed with a monthly or annual subscription. By choosing the annual billing option, you will get 2 months for free!


Billing period Price Users Company requests included
Monthly €49 1 500 Order online now
Yearly €490 1 6000 Order online now

In the rare case of the user exceeding the limit of search enquiries of his or her membership, and additional €0.10 per search enquiry will be charged. All prices are excluded of VAT.

Payment due date and period of validity

The payment is due at the start of the respective billing period and can be cancelled at any time. Please note that, if not cancelled, the membership is automatically renewed at the end of the billing period. If cancelled, the account will remain active and usable until the end of the respective billing period.


Pricing for teams and multiple users

We offer an affordable team account or company-wide account. By signing up for a multiple users account, it is possible to have on account payment. Contact us through

For Journalists

If you are a journalist and are interested in using our services, please send us a request to with a description of your work and we will offer you a free account. We would be very happy to receive a mention and/or link. We reserve the right to refuse the request or to terminate the account without giving a prior notice or reason.

North Data Premium Services
Companies Information for Professionals

per month

For one user, including 500 company requests per month.

per year

For one user, including 500 x 12 = 6000 company requests per year.

“The Premium Service gives us a quick overview of commercial register data, economic relationships and financial key figures. This is of great benefit to us, especially in the area of combating misconduct in the healthcare system, because of the increasingly complex relationships between the actors."

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Premium Service in detail

Our data availability is currently largest for Germany, Switzerland and the UK. We're continuously adding new sources and countries. The availability of data for our country strongly depends on the respective sources - please see our table of supported countries for details.

Power Search

The power search enables a targeted and flexible search with:

Search results can be exported in Excel/CSV format.

This is how the Power Search looks like:

Dossiers for Printing

With the convenience of Dossiers you can solve several problems at once, such as, archiving, forwarding and printing out company information. With this feature you have access to a printable PDF file that contains exactly the information that you want.


Performance Indicators at a glance

The most important financial figures are displayed in a clear table, as seen below. If further information or background is needed, it is possible to extract the annual financial statements with the click of a mouse.

Example: Facebook Germany

Annual Reports, Balance Sheets and P&L Accounts

All available annual reports of a company are listed with the other publications and are displayed on a clear and understandable table. All of it is presented in a dynamic and interactive display, where you can unfold and collapse lines as you like. On top of that, we also make it possible for you to download it as a CSV or Excel file.

Example: Facebook Germany Gmbh balance sheet

Person Histories

See at a glance for how long and for which companies a person is involved as authorized representatives

Example: the personal history of a well-known television chef

Unlimited Access to Publications

Also available in a very clear and easy to understand way, insolvencies notices and other publications are not only available in a timeline chart, but also to download.

Watch List and Alerts

Add companies or people to your watchlist and you will be notified by email every time a new information or publication is available. 

No advertising no worries!

The Premium Service is absolutely Ad-free! That means that you will have more space for data, enabling extended displays, deeper networks, more extensive history and a geographical display of the search results.

Even though we know that our data and representations are not yet perfect, we work every day to improve, refine and expand it.

Your support and feedback is extremely important to us, so please send us a message through so we know what you think about our premium service. This way we can continuously improve and keep offering you the best service possible!