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Data Services

The German company register (Handelsregister), insolvency register, and Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger) offer a treasure trove of company information, but they do not offer API access, and the information is only provided in free text form.

Our Data Services make fully processed company information available for either automatic further processing or for integration into your software, including the complete company register as well as other public sources.

Our Data Services provide structured company information either as data via the Data API, visualizations via the Widget API, as well as via the Quarterly Export Subscription.

An affordable Start-Up Package is available.

Data Services
Integration of Structured Company Information

Per programming interface (API) or download (Export)
3.9 million companies and 24 million publications
Data updated daily
Current and historical data
Deep data including financial, marketing & technology performance indicators
Complete and transparent proof of source
Powerful search and filtering facilities
Fault-tolerant company matching
Visualizations (via Javascript)
per month
excluding VAT

Data API

The Data API allows direct queries of companies, persons, and publications. Powerful search methods complement the data. Communication takes place via secure HTTPS, whereas the data format is either JSON or XML. The interface is OpenAPI-compliant.

Data API User Guide
Data API Reference Guide

Widget API

Easily incorporate North Data’s visualizations and company information into your products.

All depictions of our website and our Premium Services can be integrated via the Widget API using JavaScript. The design is customizable (including colors, layout, and fonts).

Widget API User Guide (German)

API Packages and Pricing

API fees are comprised of monthly fees and per-request fees. Each month includes 5,000 requests that are free of charge.

Data API Widget API
Level Sources Monthly base fee Features Monthly base fee Features
Company base
German Handelsregister and Insolvenregister, LEI € 500,- Companies, register publications text + structure, ID/name/address history, subject, legal form, network, insolvency € 500,- Network graph, History, Publication Table
Company base
+ persons
= company base € 750,- legal representatives including history € 750,- Person network, Vita
Company base
+ persons
+ Deep Data Finance/Marketing/Tech
= company base + yearly reports, patent and trademark publications, more € 1000,- Finance/Marketing/Tech performance indicators including history, structure balance/P&L sheets € 1000,- Bar charts, Performance Indicator Table, Interactive Balance/P&L Sheets, Drilldown

The requests are counted as different companies/persons per month. The monthly basic fee covers the first 5,000 requests.

Requests of up to Fee per request
0 5,000 included
5,000 20,000 € 0,10
20,000 50,000 € 0,07
50,000 unlimited € 0,05

All prices excl. VAT.

Start-Up Package

Data + Widget API complete € 500,- per month (excl. VAT), limited to 1.000 requests per month.
The Start-Up Package also includes a license for the North Data Premium Services.

This package is only available to start-ups.

Quarterly Export Subscription

Every three months, we generate exports of our entire database. We offer these exports as a quarterly subscription. The data format is JSON Lines and is structurally identical to the format used in the Data API.

Package Scope Price Billing period
M Company base € 2.250,- per quarter
L Company base
+ persons
€ 3.750,- per quarter
XL Company base
+ persons
+ Deep Data Finance/Marketing/Tech
€ 4.950,- per quarter
Original publication texts upon request

Minimum contract duration of 12 months. Quarterly delivery of a current export. The use of data is contractually limited (no resale).

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