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Wordmark: “thyssen“ Euipotm6 Nov 2017 European Union Intellectual Property Office (Trade Marks)



Trade mark

Type Word
Name thyssen
Filing number 016785958
Trade mark status REGISTERED
Nice Classification

1: Chemicals used in industry; chemical preparations for facilitating the alloying of metals; chemical additives for use in the casting of metals.

6: Ores; common metals and their alloys and products made therefrom, included in this class, namely, unwrought and semi-wrought common metals and their alloys and products made therefrom, namely rods, panels, bands, sheets and plates, in particular tailored blanks, pipes of metal and metal alloys, in particular such pipes for construction purposes and fittings thereof, tinplate and black plate, sleepers, rails and other track parts for rail bound vehicles, in particular side guide rails and glide strips for magnetic suspension trains, special and specialty profiles, timber, plank and trench sheeting, sheet pilings, light sections, sheet pile crossbeams and fittings, in particular pilings of metal, stair crossbeams of metal, door crossbeams of metal, roof crossbeams of metal, flood sheet pilings of metal, box sheet pilings with metal structure, steel poles for setting lamps, staves of metal, flat panels of metal, shipbuilding profiles of metal, flat products of stainless steel (corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, heat-resistant), nickel based materials, titanium and titanium alloys, grain-oriented and non-grained-oriented electrical and/or magnetic steels materials or sheets, metal building materials, in particular prefabricated sandwich components consisting predominantly of sheet metal for the construction of industrial buildings, halls and homes, ironmongery, small items of metal hardware, pipes and tubes of metal; non-electric cables and wires of common metal, transportable buildings of metal, metal building materials, scaffolding included in this class and concrete formwork elements and parts therefor of metal for concrete.

7: Drives for machines; transmission shafts, other than for land vehicles; construction machines; mechanical apparatus and mechanical devices and equipment consisting thereof for manufacturing precursors or products, namely, catalysts, mills, crushers, separators, precipitators, devices and equipment for mixing, homogenizing, storing, dosaging, sorting, fragmenting, conveying, packing and loading of solid materials, for the medicines and food industry, chemical industry, manures industry, plastics industry and cosmetics industry; machines for the food industry; installations consisting of machines for the chemical industry for steam reforming; installations consisting of machines for the chemical industry for producing manures; gas treatment machines; machines for the textile industry; lifts, included in this class, mechanical escalators and moving walkways, platform lifts, lifting platforms for people, passenger bridges, moving staircases, stair lifts; generators for generating energy to drive machines; machines for producing energy; electric generators; industrial robots (machines); machines for processing metal, wood and plastics; machine tools; electric and laser welding apparatus; welding electrodes; flaming machines for flaming cold or warm metal materials, metal work pieces or semi-finished metal products (like blocks, bars, coils or slabs); gas-operated cutting blow pipes; mixers (machines); mills (machines); presses (machines); pumps (machines); turbines and parts therefor, other than for land vehicles; gate drives; tools (parts of machines); railroad constructing machines; ship and aeroplane engines and parts therefor.

9: Apparatus for physical measurements and physical material testing and control of materials, in particular or raw materials; optical and electronic apparatus, included in this class, namely, physical apparatus, objectives (lenses) (optics), optical condensers, optical data media, optical lenses, optical lanterns, optical pickup, optical range finder, automatic optical detector, computer hardware electronic agendas, electronic data integrators, electronic computing machines, computer workstations; nautical, surveying, signalling and monitoring apparatus; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; computer software; checking (supervision) apparatus and instruments; magnets; measuring apparatus and instruments; photovoltaic elements, namely, solar collectors for generating electricity; electric/electronic control and regulating apparatus, included in this class; mechanical synthetic gas producers, other than gas producers for motor vehicles.

11: Steam generating installations, including fittings; distillation apparatus, including fittings; warming, heating and refrigerating installations, apparatus and machines, including fittings; drying installations and apparatus; machines for thermal treatment of residues (heating apparatus), including fittings; machines for producing coke, including fittings; furnaces for industrial purposes, including fittings; solar collectors (heating), including fittings.

12: Vehicles and apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; parts for vehicles and apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water, included in this class; bodies of metal for vehicles and apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; engines for land vehicles.

17: Semi-finished products of plastic and plastic mouldings for mechanical engineering, vehicle construction and house building, in particular for touch protection, spray guard, dust protection, noise protection, housing or encapsulation, and for building roofing, building facades, building partition walls, building protection; plastics in extruded form for use in manufacture, in particular plastic mouldings for vehicle construction and house building; packing, stopping and insulating materials.

19: Asphalt, coal tar, pitch and bitumen; building materials (non-metallic); scaffolding and formwork and parts therefor, included in this class, not of metal; cast, pressed, drawn or machined mouldings, not of metal, for building.

37: Building construction; rental of scaffolding, formwork, work platforms and construction apparatus; painting and lacquering; rental of construction equipment; rental of industrial machines; facility management in the field of technical facilities, namely, repair, maintenance and servicing of real estate; assembly, maintenance and repair of lifts, escalators, moving walkways, platform lifts, lifting platforms for people, passenger bridges, moving staircases, stair lifts; assembly, maintenance and repair of equipment and machines for use in mining, open-cast mining, quarrying, ore or coal mining, demolition and road building; assembly, maintenance and repair of buildings; assembly, maintenance and repair of industrial machines and manufacturing installations; assembly, maintenance and repair of modules or systems for the power train and undercarriage parts of vehicles and apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water.

42: Architecture and architecture consultancy services; urban planning; engineering services; technical engineering; technological engineering analysis; structural engineering; mining engineering; chemistry services; engineering in the field of computer science; media consultancy, namely, consultancy and technical research in the field of information technology; physics (research); software programming; stress analysis (construction planning); technical drawing; surveying, included in this class; research, construction of prototypes for research purposes and for technical product development, and research in the field of technology for ships; material testing; technical consultancy in the field of computing; installation and maintenance of computer software; contaminated site management, namely, technical design of property decontamination projects; computer rental.

Filing date 31/05/2017
Registration date 02/11/2017
Expiry date 31/05/2027

thyssenkrupp AG

ThyssenKrupp Allee 1

D-45143 Essen


The filing refers to a past date, and does not necessarily reflect the current state. The current state is available on the following page: thyssenkrupp AG, Essen, Germany.

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