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MD: Norbert Mey · No longer MD (1) · Acquisition: Stadtwerke Marienberg GmbH · Spin-off: Stadtwerke Marienberg GmbH · Break-up: Stadtwerke Marienberg GmbH · Capital: €1,000,000 … Hrb5 Jun 2008 German Trade Register Announcement, Germany (30/05/2008)



Erzgebirge Energie GmbH, Chemnitz (Dr.-Ungenannte Str. ??, 09496 Marienberg, Germany). The Shareholders Meeting of May 5, 2008 with an addendum of May 28, 2008, the increase in the share capital by EUR 484,500.00 to EUR 534,500.00 for the purpose of acquiring part of the assets of the Stadtwerke Marienberg GmbH, which is based in Marienberg as a whole, was decided to raise and to increase a further increase of EUR 465,500.00 to EUR 1,000,000. By decision of May 5, 2008 the statutes were recast. In particular, the amendments were made to Sections 1 (company and registered office), 2 (object of the company) and 4 (share capital, share capital). The shareholders meeting of May 28, 2008 decided to supplement the partnership agreement by section 21 (foundation expenses). New company: Energieversorgung Marienberg GmbH. New seat: Marienberg. New subject: supply of energy (electrical energy, gas and heat) and taking over and carrying out management tasks in the field of sanitation primarily in the marienberg urban area; Supply within the meaning of the first sentence includes the generation or production of energy, the operation of energy supply networks and the distribution of energy. New share capital: EUR 1,000,000.00. Appointed: Managing Director: Mey, Norbert, Mildenau, *??.??.????, with the authority to enter into legal transactions on behalf of the company as a representative of the Stadtwerke Marienberg GmbH based in Marienberg and Lengefelder Wohnbau GmbH based in Lengefeld. Retired: Managing Director: ???????, ????, Burkhardtsdorf, *??.??.????. By way of the spin-off for the opening pursuant to the division and takeover agreement of May 5, 2008 and supplement of May 28, 2008 as well as the resolutions of the shareholders meetings of both legal entities from the same days, the company has taken over part of the assets from the Stadtwerke Marienberg GmbH with its registered office in Marienberg (District Court of Chemnitz HRB 358) as a whole. The spin-off took effect with the entry of the spin-off in the register of the transferring entity today. Published as unregistered: The capital increase of EUR 465,500.00 was made by means of a deposit in in-case. In view of the related determinations, reference is made to the documents sent to the Registry Court. The creditors of the entities participating in the spin-off must be deemed to have declared their claim in writing in writing within six months of the date on which the registration of the spin-off in the register of the registered office of the holder of the law of which they are, in accordance with Paragraph 19 (3) of the UmwG, is deemed to have been made known in writing, insofar a.s. they cannot claim satisfaction. However, creditors are only entitled to this right if they demonstrate that the spin-off jeopardises the fulfilment of the claim.

This filing was translated from German to English. The filing refers to a past date, and does not necessarily reflect the current state. The current state is available on the following page: Energieversorgung Marienberg GmbH, Marienberg, Germany.

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