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DP Secure Indexed Income Fund plc · Gore Street Energy Storage Fund plc · Miton UK Microcap Trust plc · Secured Income Fund plc · VPC Specialty Lending Investments plc
Double Espresso Marketing Ltd. · HOT Yoga Newcastle Ltd.
Chandler Plumbing and Heating Ltd.
Vale Southern Construction Ltd. · Vale Southern Holdings Ltd. · Westvale Property Developments Ltd. · Westvale Property Investments Ltd.
Goosander Ltd. · Lister (GB) Ltd. · Tringa Ltd.
SCI Illkirch · SCI Maviloli
also / previously: Victoriane Sylvaine Ne
Corin Belgium B.V.
Corin Austria GmbH
also / previously: Victoria Silvester
Elaine Baker Ltd. · Elvester Property Services Ltd.
KEW Place (High Wycombe) Management Company Ltd. · The Executive Athlete Ltd. · Withoutego Ltd.

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