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MD: Jörg Krause, Christopher Kummer · PPA (4) · Control: VINCI Energies Deutschland GmbH · Change of headquarters: Actemium EMR GmbH · Address · Capital: €25,600 · Share­holder agreement · Proxy … Hrb20 Jul 2016 German Trade Register Announcements, Germany



HRB 105901: Actemium EMR GmbH, Frankfurt am
Main, Colmarer Straße 11, 60528 Frankfurt am Main
. GmbH. Partnership agreement of December 13, 1991, amended several times. The shareholders' meeting of May 19, 2016 decided to amend the partnership agreement in Section 1.2 (seat) and with it the transfer of its registered office from Ingelheim (previously District Court of Mainz HRB 22403) to Frankfurt am Main. Business address:
Colmarer Straße 11, 60528 Frankfurt am Main
. Subject: Planning and maintenance in the entire area of MSR (measurement control) technology, electrical engineering, building control technology and in particular process control technology, the distribution of devices and components as well as the distribution of software products. Furthermore, the service, maintenance, maintenance and setting of technical equipment, in particular of mechatronic systems. The company may also manufacture, purchase, sell or mediate products intended for use in this activity. As part of its corporate purpose, the company also assumes research, planning, development and consulting contracts. It may also carry out any activity which it considers to be conducive to its business. Share capital: EUR 25,600.00. General representation scheme: If only one managing director is appointed, he shall represent the company alone. If several directors are appointed, the company is represented by two directors or by a managing director together with an authorized representative. Managing Director: Dr. Krause, Jörg, Stuttgart, *??.??.????; Kummer, Christopher, Herxheim am Berg, *??.??.????. Together with a managing director or other authorized representative: Callies, Harald, Kelkheim-Ruppertshain, *??.??.????; Renner, Gerd, Green Town, *??.??.????; ??????, ???????, Pohlheim, *??.??.????; ????????, ??????, Constance, *??.??.????. On February 5, 2014, a profit transfer agreement was concluded with the VINCI Energies Deutschland GmbH, which is based in Frankfurt am Main (District Court of Frankfurt HRB 57946) a.s. the dominant company. It was approved by the Shareholders' Meeting of February 18, 2014.

This filing was translated from German to English. The filing refers to a past date, and does not necessarily reflect the current state. The current state is available on the following page: Digital4Industry GmbH, Frankfurt a. Main, Germany.

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