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Word figurative mark: “BT GROUP“ Euipotm9 May 2023 European Union Intellectual Property Office (Trade Marks)



Trade mark

Type Figurative
Graphic representation
Filing number 018778965
Trade mark status REGISTERED
Nice Classification

9: Communications apparatus and instruments; telecommunications apparatus and instruments; mobile communications apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for recording, transmission, reception, processing, retrieval, reproduction, manipulation, analysis, display and print-out of sounds, images and/or data; parts and fittings for communications, telecommunications and mobile communications apparatus; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic, digital and optical data carriers and storage media, recording discs; data processing equipment and computers; peripheral equipment for computers; speakers; sound bars; headsets; audio streaming apparatus; computer software; computer hardware and software for processing, reproducing, synchronising, recording, organising, downloading, uploading, transmitting, streaming, receiving, playing and viewing images, audio, video and data files; wireless controllers to remotely monitor and control the function and status of other electrical, electronic, and mechanical devices or systems; recording apparatus; audio recording apparatus; reporting software; computer software to enable searching of data; mobile navigation and/or information equipment for motor vehicles; systems for localizing and controlling circulation and/or movement of vehicles; communication systems to and from and between vehicles; data communication apparatus; satellite communication apparatus; computer software and telecommunications apparatus to enable connection to databases and the internet; electronic financial transaction and electronic trading apparatus and instruments; smart cards; encoded cards; digital communications apparatus and instruments; computer games software; computer peripheral devices; computer systems, laptop and notebook computers; electronic memory cards; debit cards, credit cards and charge cards; aerials, cables and ducts all for electrical, telecommunications or optical signal transmissions; cables; parts and fittings for jointing and connecting cables, namely, connection cables, extension cables, electric adapter cables, cable splices for electric cables, junction sleeves for electric cables, gender changers for electric cables and telephone wire connection boxes; cable accessories, terminations and fittings, namely adapters, fixing band, ferrules, cable cleats, cable clips, cable glands, cable grommets, cable jacks, cable lugs, cable markers, cable protectors and cable sleeving; recorded programmes for TV and radio; computer hardware; computer software and firmware in mobile phones enabling the playing and downloading of software applications; downloadable electronic games, music, ringtones, screensavers and wallpapers; downloadable computer software applications; electronic baby monitoring devices and apparatus; TV monitors; video transmission apparatus; listening and monitoring apparatus; computer software for telecommunications apparatus and instruments; digital terrestrial TV reception equipment; set top boxes enabling reception, decoding, recording and viewing of encrypted or unencrypted TV broadcasts; anti-virus software; malicious code and content screening software; computer security software; computer hardware and software for providing firewall protection, all being supplied from the internet or online from databases; computer software for use in healthcare and for monitoring and/or evaluation, and/or management of diseases; computer software relating to risk management, business security, information management and business intelligence; computer software for data processing; computer software used in respect of credit and debit card transaction services; security surveillance apparatus; security alarms; security control apparatus; security cameras; security software; software to control building access and security systems; computer software for the remote control of security apparatus; application software for the remote control of security apparatus; computer software enabling content, visual works, audio works, audio-visual works, data and files to be downloaded to and accessed on a computer or other portable consumer electronic devices; electronic publications; downloadable publications; downloadable white papers, namely, downloadable reports intended to educate readers; cloud servers; artificial intelligence and machine learning software; application software for virtual environments; computer hardware for virtual reality; virtual reality software; virtual reality software for telecommunications; virtual reality headsets; wireless headsets; parts, fittings and accessories for all the aforesaid goods.

35: Business management of telecommunications networks and computer networks for others; business advisory, research and information services; advertising, marketing and publicity services; provision of space on websites for advertising goods and services; business advisory and consulting services relating to telecommunications networks, computer networks and business operations; telemarketing services; compilation, provision, analysis and retrieval of business and marketing information; statistical analysis and reporting; computerised database management services; telecommunications data retrieval; organisation, operation and supervision of loyalty and incentive schemes; business research services; compilation of business directories; business information relating to risk management, managed security and intelligence; business customer relationship management and problem solving services; database management services; compilation and transcription of data; preparation of business reports; professional business consultancy and management of computer infrastructure on behalf of industrial and commercial companies; Business consultancy services relating to the creation and business management of information systems and business information technologies; assistance with procurement of goods and services for others; preparation of publicity publications; computerized online ordering featuring general merchandise and general consumer goods; data retrieval services for transmitting and displaying transaction identification and financial information; business management of facilities services, namely business management of telephone call centres and business offices; telecommunications warehousing data retrieval; vehicle fleet business management services for others; the bringing together, for the benefit of others, of motor vehicles, enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase such goods from retail outlets or from an internet website; marketing and promotion services for charities; advertising services for charities via the internet; rental of advertising space; TV advertising and commercials; billing services; market study services; operating online and virtual marketplaces; retail services and on-line retail services connected with the sale of software, broadband devices, mobile phones, landline phones, TV entertainment packages, baby monitors, smart home devices, speakers, lighting, smart heating devices, gaming devices, computing hardware, computer peripherals, audio-visual devices, virtual reality hardware, audio equipment, routers, printers, scanners, cables for use with electronic devices, goods made of paper and cardboard, namely printed books, magazines, newspapers, and other paper-based media; processing of data; monitoring, organisation and analysis of call information for businesses.

37: Installation, maintenance and repair services for telecommunications installations, apparatus and instruments; maintenance and repair of computer hardware, computers and computer networks; vehicle maintenance; installation of electrical and electronic apparatus, instruments and components; provision of services in relation to the installation, maintenance and repair of video surveillance equipment and allied products in the field of video surveillance and monitoring services; Information and advisory services relating to construction, repair, installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware, computers and computer networks and vehicle maintenance; installation and maintenance of security alarm systems.

38: Telecommunications services; provision of telecommunications access and links to computer databases and to the internet; telecommunication of information (including web pages); broadcasting services; broadcasting and transmission of data, sound or images; communications services by satellite, television and/or radio; mobile communications services; hiring, rental and leasing of communications apparatus; electronic mail services; broadband internet and communications services; transmission of data; telecommunication network and computer network communication services; electronic data interchange services; telephone messaging services; call screening services; expert services in the field of telecommunications; broadcasting and transmission of radio and TV programmes; transmission of sound, data and/or pictures; computer aided transmission of data, messages and images; presentation and distribution of audio, video, still and moving images and data; leasing access time to information databases; telecommunications information services; internet protocol TV services; interactive TV services; interactive services television viewers by television, mobile phones or PCs; distribution and delivery of video and audio services; provision of internet access services; provision of connections between website and TV views via an interactive television portal; telecommunication services provided via internet portal services; interactive television broadcasting and transmission of TV programmes and films to personal computers and handheld communications devices; broadcasting and communications by means of computer or aided by computer; transmission of audio, video and/or audio-visual; transmission of audio, video and/or audio visual programming by internet protocol; telecommunications services over the internet; provision of access and/or connectivity to broadband networks which are fixed, portable or wireless; broadcasting and delivery of multimedia content over electronic communications networks; digital broadcasting services; operation of a digitalized media platform for the exchange of messages and information; delivery of news,namely, electronic news agency services; professional consultancy services relating to communications; provision of online forums for communication on subjects of general interest; provision of online chatrooms and electronic bulletin boards; operation of telecommunications networks and computer networks for others; leasing access time to computer databases; providing access to computer, electronic and online databases for educational, recreational and entertainment use; providing services to access a private virtual community via the internet; providing communication equipment for the transmission and reception of online content in virtual online environments; consultancy and advisory services relating to the aforesaid services.

41: Entertainment services; entertainment services provided by online streams; entertainment services provided via a virtual online environment; provision of audio visual content in the field of entertainment, sport, recreation and events; television services in the field of entertainment, sport, recreation and events; box office services; information services relating to sport, entertainment, recreation and events; interactive services for television viewers by television, mobile phones or PCs in the field of entertainment, sport, recreation and events; production and presentation of programmes transmitted by television, radio, the internet or other telecommunications channels in the field of entertainment, sport, recreation and events; hiring, rental and leasing of films, videos and DVDs; production and presentation of programmes transmitted by television, the internet or other telecommunications channels for interactive viewing, selection and purchase of goods; film production; electronic publishing services; distribution of television programmes, films, motion pictures, pre-recorded video tapes; provision of news and current affairs and educational information services; booking and issuing of tickets for entertainment, sporting and cultural events; booking agency services; ticketing and event booking services; provision of information in respect of the news, current affairs, cultural and academic matters; publishing of books, directories, guides, maps, printed matter and business directories; information and advisory services relating to education, training, entertainment, sport, recreation, theatre, television, news, current affairs and music; publishing electronic publications; education, provision of training, arranging and conducting of courses, publication of books and audio-visual programmes including via the internet, arranging and conducting conferences, seminars and other activities in relation to the environment and sustainability; rental, leasing and hiring of films, videos and DVDs; advisory, consultancy and information services relating to entertainment, sport, recreation and news; consultancy services relating to the training of employees; training relating to employment opportunities; providing online information and news in the field of employment training; thought leadership services; entertainment services namely, providing non-downloadable virtual content for use in virtual environments; production and presentation of TV programmes; consultancy and advisory services relating to the aforesaid.

42: Computer services; design and development of computer software, computer systems; design and development of data storage systems; electronic storage of data; Software as a service (Saas) consisting of computer software for recording, viewing, storing and sharing online audio and video data; Software as a service (Saas) featuring software for controlling, integrating, operating, connecting and managing voice controlled information devices, namely cloud-connected and voice-controlled smart consumer electronic devices; software as a service [SaaS] featuring computer software platforms for artificial intelligence; cloud computing; cloud storage services for electronic files and data; cloud hosting provider services; providing virtual computer environments through cloud computing; information technology support services; provision of technical management and support in the operation of computer systems; hire, rental and leasing of computer and data processing apparatus; computer programming; computer network services; installation and maintenance of computer software; writing, development, update and design of computer software; planning and design services all relating to telecommunications networks, to apparatus and instruments, to computer networks, and to the internet; systems integration services; design, drawing and commissioned writing, all for the compilation of web pages on the internet; creating and maintaining websites; hosting the websites of others; hosting software applications for others; application software provision; provision of software to enable or facilitate the uploading, downloading, streaming, posting, displaying, blogging, linking or sharing of information or media over communications networks; computer services, namely the creation of virtual environments to organize groups and events or to participate in discussions and to take part in social networking; technical information and advisory services relating to vehicles; testing of vehicles; quality control and material testing services relating to vehicles; environmental advisory services namely, advise provided in relation to vehicle environmental issues; environmental and sustainability consultancy and research services; vehicle equipment testing services; inspection of vehicles for road worthiness; technical consultancy services relating to information systems; data security services; disaster recovery services for computer systems and data communications systems; cyber security services and consultancy services relating thereto; provision of consultancy, information and advice with regard to environment protection, environment preservation and sustainability; consultancy, design, and advisory services, relating to information systems; consultancy, testing, and advisory services, relating to computers; consultancy, design, testing, and advisory services, relating to computer software; consultancy, design, testing, and advisory services, relating to computer networks; testing services relating to electronic equipment; consultancy, design, testing, and advisory services, relating to telecommunications systems; design and advisory services, relating to data transmission systems; research services, relating to information systems, computers, computer software, computer networks, telecommunications systems, and data transmission systems; information, environmental hazard assessment; environment testing; technical data analysis services; data storage and retrieval services for transmitting, displaying and storing, transaction, identification and financial information; computer system monitoring services; storage of data; computerised data storage systems; telecommunications data warehousing; hosting websites; hosting the web sites of others; information, advice and consultancy services relating to all of the aforementioned; consultancy in the field of computer software; conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; rental of data processing apparatus and computers; research in the field of telecommunication technology; monitoring of network systems in the field of telecommunications; technical support services; IT security, protection and restoration; engineering services relating to robotics; artificial intelligence consultancy and research services; providing artificial intelligence computer programs on data networks; leasing of computer software, namely digital property for use in a virtual community; consultancy, research and advisory services relating to the aforesaid.

45: Rental and leasing of security apparatus and instruments; rental and leasing of surveillance and monitoring apparatus and instruments; video surveillance and monitoring services; political lobbying in relation to environment protection and sustainability; legal services; security services for the protection of property and individuals; alternative dispute resolution services; social networking services; security consultancy services; rental of alarms and security apparatus; political consultancy services; providing information relating to legislative and to regulatory matters; legal and regulatory information; consultancy and advisory services relating to the aforesaid.

Filing date 21/10/2022
Registration date 06/05/2023
Expiry date 21/10/2032

BRITISH TELECOMMUNICATIONS public limited company,

BT Legal,

Intellectual Property Department,

Ground Floor, Faraday Building,

1 Knightrider Street,



United Kingdom

The filing refers to a past date, and does not necessarily reflect the current state. The current state is available on the following page: British Telecommunications plc, London.

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